Veteran left leader appeals to make Mamata Banerjee victorious Mamata Banerjee wins unopposed

#Kolkata: Age 64 years 6 When he speaks, his voice trembles Despite this, Badal Bhattacharya, a retired school teacher from Chetla, appeared at Mamata Banerjee’s Chetla staff meeting on Wednesday. But this old man also has a different identity He was associated with left politics for a long time On Wednesday, Badalbabu, who is associated with left-wing politics, took to the stage of the Trinamool Congress in Chetla and appealed to Mamata Banerjee to win unopposed.

The Chief Minister started campaigning for the Bhabanipur by-election on the same day from the staff meeting of Ahindra Mancha in Chetla. Badalbabu went to the stage and drew his attention to the moment he started his speech at the staff meeting The retired teacher was once a teacher of state transport minister Firhad Hakim As a result, seeing Badal Babu, Firhad Hakim, who was on the stage, also went ahead The Chief Minister also asked him to come on stage

Badalbabu got up on the stage and said, he wants to say something The Chief Minister immediately agreed to his proposal He also thanked Badalbabu for coming to the work meeting at this age But the biggest surprise awaited after that Standing in front of the mic, Badalbabu, who has long been involved in left-wing politics, said with a trembling voice, “I am 74 years old. There is only one appeal to everyone, Mamata has won all over West Bengal Why does he have to fight again? My appeal to all political parties, all struggling people, win Mamata Banerjee from Bhabanipur without contest. No one should dare to run against Mamata Banerjee. Going to talk, the eighty-year-old old man grabbed his throat with emotion

After Badalbabu’s speech, the Chief Minister went to him again He instructed Badalbabu to sit down

Badalbabu, who has been associated with left-wing politics for a long time, called for Mamata to win unopposed, but the CPM happened to announce its candidate at the Bhabanipur constituency on the same day. Though the Congress did not field a candidate against Mamata Banerjee, the Left did not follow suit. Sreejib Biswas is the CPM candidate in Bhabanipur

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