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Veterans to take first class counselor’s class, sworn in at 28 – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Just like preparing for the semester. The Chief Minister had promised to issue report cards to the newly elected councilors of Kolkata Municipality (KMC Election 2021) every six months. There will also be classes before giving that report card. Burned councilors like Atin Ghosh and Debashis Kumar will explain to the elected young councilors how to do the work of the municipality. After six months of working like that, the work report card will be submitted. It is as if following the syllabus, doing one’s job like an attentive student, the Trinamool wants to introduce this mantra to the party councilors from the very beginning.

The Chief Minister had earlier said that councilors have to be by the side of the people first in providing civic services. They have to solve daily problems starting from water and roads. The Trinamool wants to make the newly elected people proficient in such activities. This training will continue for the next three months.

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Firhad Hakim, the leader of the majority party, will be sworn in as the mayor of Kolkata at 12 noon on the 27th. On the same day at noon the mayor called a meeting with the mayor-in-council. After that, according to the Trinamool manifesto, the mayor will sit down to discuss ‘ten horizons’. There it will be decided, which of the ten mentioned horizons needs to be given priority. The work will be done on the basis of that priority. The selected ones will start working quickly.

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In addition, the new municipality will continue to have ‘talk-to-mayor’. According to Firhad Hakim, the problems of the people at the grassroots level are known through talk-to-mayor. They can report any problems directly to the administration. That’s why the project will continue, where ordinary people can talk directly to the mayor.

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