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Violence in Park Circus after returning from holiday, the identity of the policeman was known – News18 Bangla


Amit Sarkar and Sahnik Ghosh

#Kolkata: The identity of the suicide policeman who carried out the violence in Park Circus has been revealed The deceased was identified as Charup Lepcha He was serving in the 5th Battalion of the Calcutta Police Armed Forces

It is learned that the constable of the armed forces named Charup Lepcha had gone on leave today. After joining the work, he was sent to the office of the Deputy High Commission of Bangladesh today in charge of security. The incident took place while he was going to work there

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Eight high-ranking officials of Kolkata Police have already reached the spot Initially, it is believed that the constable may have caused the incident out of mental exhaustion The constable’s family and colleagues will also be contacted to find out why the policeman was suffering from depression.

Although he went to the Bangladesh Deputy High Commission for security work this afternoon, Charup did not go to the specific kiosk with the rest of his colleagues. After walking around the area for about an hour, the policeman entered a house and shouted. After that, the constable came out and started firing randomly

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Witnesses said the policeman fired at a woman sitting in the back seat of an app-based bike. Although the first shot missed the target, another shot hit the body of the woman sitting in the back seat of the bike The woman was robbed on the spot

Eyewitnesses claimed that the biker was also shot in the back Although he was able to escape In addition, another person was shot in the body The constable then committed suicide by shooting himself in the neck Additional Commissioner of Kolkata Police Praveen Tripathi, however, could not confirm whether the woman was shot dead.

Kolkata police detectives have already reached the spot Police are also examining CCTV footage of the area to know the movements of the constable before the shooting.

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