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Viral News || The tongue plays the flute, for 50 years the ‘flute’ has been the savior of Hazrat’s life


#Kolkata: There is no way to understand from the outside where this melodious sound is coming from. But one hit song after another is coming out of my mouth. The songs of the old days are getting intoxicated even to the tune of one of the most viral raw nuts of the present time. Earning 200-300 rupees a day by playing that tune in front of park, station, school, college. And from this the supply of hot rice. Earlier, the income was much higher. Now Hazrat is about eighty years old. Playing too much flute causes shortness of breath. Yet intoxication does not go away. So every day Hazrat came to Calcutta from Diamond Harbor with tongue and flute inside his mouth.

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He got intoxicated, of course, sixty years ago. Seeing a Bombay artist playing, Hazrat got a tongue bet from him. That flute was intoxicating at one point. Like a part of the body, the young Hazrat used to sing with his tongue burning inside his mouth all day long. At one time he chose that addiction as his profession. Instead of brass, he broke the iron disc and started making that flute. Besides playing, he also sold the flute. He got married and started a family. People do boys. Recently, Hazrat also got treatment for his wife by spending five lakh rupees. One of his sons learned this art but did not choose it as a profession. However, Hazrat did not give up intoxication. Hazrat wants to keep this industry alive till his death. He continues to sing “Yeh Dosti Hum Nehi Torenge. Chhorenge Dum Magar Tera Saath Na Chhorenge.”

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Tapas Roy works for a private company in Dalhousie. He said, “I have been watching Anna play the flute for many years. What a wonderful way to screw people over. She made a flute out of a tin disc. And what a beautiful melodious sound.

Businessman Dipankar Sheel said, “Sometimes I see this man playing the flute. But I never saw that flute. I wanted to see it one day. He showed it out of his mouth. He used to sing a lot. Now he can’t do much. Even at this age, you have to go out to earn money. Such artists should be rewarded for keeping this endangered art alive. “

The artist is still holding on to his art even if he doesn’t get much. He said, “I’m fine with my favorite tongue flute. It doesn’t matter who gives it. This tongue flute has been providing me with rice for the last 50 years. It still gives me rice. I have kept my art alive. Saved. “


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