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Viral Video | Najrul Mancha KK Show: fire extinguisher reportedly sprayed while singer was on stage Video raised questions – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: An incident in the heart of the city on Tuesday night shook the whole country. Musician KK sang his last song in this Kolkata city and said goodbye as soon as Nazrul came to perform on the stage. At that moment the shadow of mourning descends on the world of music. According to media reports, KK suddenly fell ill after returning to the hotel after the show (Najrul Mancha KK Show) and was later pronounced dead at the hospital. But is that at all? Or is there any other mystery behind his death?

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A video uploaded to Facebook (Viral Video) shows the crowded Nazrul Mancha where Keke was singing. Suddenly the fire extinguisher was turned on (Najrul Mancha KK Show). Gas spreads from it. The question is, is this the reason why KK fell ill?

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New Market police have filed a case of unnatural death over the death of Kek. The investigation has started. The cause of his death is still unclear. Although it was initially known that the 53-year-old artist died of a heart attack. However, nothing can be said clearly about this. In the meantime, the video that has gone viral on Facebook shows that while Nazrul was performing at the stage yesterday, a fire extinguisher was suddenly started and gas was spread from it. As a result, the question naturally arises, but does the musician feel sick because of this gas?

This is not the end of the mystery. The issue of negligence of Nazrul Mancha authorities was brought to the fore by posting several more videos. In the video, KK is seen repeatedly wiping sweat with a towel, even asking to turn off the spotlights on stage. When Keke left the stage after the end of the show, there was a look of discomfort in his eyes. Part of the idea is that the singer fell ill during the performance on stage. It is also known in another video that he was rushed to the hotel as soon as he fell ill.

According to media sources, KK’s body deteriorated further after returning to the hotel after the ceremony. He was rushed to CMRI Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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