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#Kolkata: No matter how hard the doctors try, there are still enough complaints about the country’s medical services. If the city points the finger at adequate service initiatives in this regard, then the picture in rural and more remote areas is quite alarming – residents (Cloudphysician) say that there is no such thing as medical services.

Honestly, the responsibility in this matter cannot be imposed on one-sided doctors. They try their best, but if you keep an eye on the huge population of the country, you have to admit that in this case the people are forced to accept the rate! Why not, even if a doctor works 24 hours a day with all his resources, it is not possible for him to be by the side of all the patients in the same way, the same applies to other medical staff. But the Medica Superspeciality Hospitals group is determined to overcome this problem. In Kolkata, as well as a large number of critically ill patients in eastern India, who are kept in the intensive care unit or ICU, what if almost all of them could be treated together?

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Surprising to hear, Medica has now joined hands with the medical organization Cloudphysician in this resolution. The organization has already set a precedent for virtual ICU care in various states of the country. CloudPhysicians are assisted in this regard by their advanced technology RADAR. With the help of this technology, a physician can simultaneously supervise a large number of ICU patients. With the help of this technology, he will be able to check the data of many patients in real time, and will also get the advice of experienced medical professionals of CloudPhysicians.

In such a moment of danger, it is only necessary to send instructions – only by following those instructions will it be possible to provide proper services to the ICU patients. Emphasizing that the co-founder of cloud physician Dr. Dr. Dileep Raman He said that through this virtual ICU service, it has already been possible to bring back about 40,000 critically ill patients from 70 hospitals in the country.

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This service is now associated with Medicare. It is learned that not all Medicare hospitals, as well as several other hospitals affiliated with Medicare will get the benefit of this service. All in all, a new light of technology and hope has come to ICU Care in East India. Dr. Dr. Aviral Roy, Medicare’s Consultant-Intensivist, claims that CloudPhysicians’ RADAR technology and their experience will make it possible to treat patients in remote areas, assuring them better service than before.

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