#Kolkata: Airport closed for runway repairs. Now even if the ticket is cut, the reserved seats of the train do not match (Bangla News). Necessarily rely on that bus. Many people again prefer to travel by Volvo bus. Although the North Bengal State Transport Corporation runs Volvo (Volvo Bus Fare Hike), its number is very low. In this case, Volvo is a private company.

The fare of this comfortable air-conditioned bus, however, has made the passengers sweat on their foreheads. Because in one push (North Bengal Bus Fare) the fare of all these buses has increased a lot. It goes without saying that there has been no precedent for this huge increase in rent in recent times.

Let’s see what it was? What happened? The rent for a Volvo chair is Rs 1,100 / – (Bangla News). Now if you cut it from the counter, it will cost 1800 rupees. If you buy online, then the rent has reached 2500 rupees. Rent of Volvo Slipper at normal time which is 1400 rupees. If you cut it from the counter, it will cost 2000 to 2200 rupees. And online it has gone from 3600 to 5000.

As the number of seats in the train decreases, the fare increases. In the same way, if the seats in the bus are also reduced, the seat rent (Volvo Bus Fare Hike) is increasing by squeezing the online (Bangla News) ticket. There are many who are now dependent on online. They are buying all these bus tickets with high fares. However, the condition of those who have to travel for special needs is very bad.

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Tulsi Chhetri, a resident of Darjeeling. Went to Bangalore for treatment. He returned to Kolkata by plane. The train ticket does not match. Air service closed (Volvo Bus Fare Hike). You have to travel by bus. According to Tulsi Devi (North Bengal Bus Fare), the boy’s school has started. We have to go back. But the bus fare is almost the same as the plane fare. With so much time we have to go back again.

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Representatives of the bus company are acknowledging that the fare is extra. They say that at one time we had to take a 48-seater Volvo bus to the empty space. Now that the demand has increased, the company has increased the rent to make up for its losses. But people are also buying tickets with that fare.

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According to another representative, those who travel by plane are choosing sleepers. AC Volvo Slipper Comfortable. As a result, they are traveling with the fare of the plane ticket. However, although the fare of AC Volvo has increased, the fare of non-AC bus (North Bengal Bus Fare) has not increased. North Bengal State Transport Corporation is also operating extra buses.

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