Volvo Bus in Kolkata: Extreme Bad News! Private Volvo bus service in the face of high diesel prices

#Kolkata: Long-distance government air-conditioned bus fares remained unchanged, but private air-conditioned bus fares increased sharply. Fares increased on all routes, be it North Bengal or South Bengal. In each case the rent has been increased by 100 rupees. They have been forced to raise fares due to unbridled fuel prices, say bus company representatives.

In the meantime, buses of multiple routes have been stopped. Especially Volvo Bus is closed on Siliguri route. The number of buses on the remaining routes has been reduced from 30 to 4 or 5 per day. In their words, “there are not many passengers. The price of fuel has become so high that there was no other way but to increase the fare.” However, fares for all government AC bus routes remain unchanged. Passengers are questioning how the private bus fare has been increased so much where the government is against the fare hike.

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Passengers said, “In the current Corona situation, many people have lost their livelihood. However, the fare increase of Rs 100 in one leap is putting a lot of pressure on us. We are helpless to go to our destination with extra fare.” Public transport is still not completely normal. Although private bus owners have proposed to the government to increase fares due to rising fuel prices, the government has not agreed to increase fares now. However, in many cases of private bus service, passengers are complaining of taking more than the fixed fare.

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In the current situation, it is clear from the words of Transport Minister Firhad Hakim that the Transport Department is not supporting the fare hike of Rs 100 on a private AC Volvo. “The government does not control the fare of private luxury buses. I will also ask the transport secretary to look into the matter and take action. The fare hike is not right,” Firhad Hakim said after learning about the fare hike from News18Bangla.

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Asansol fare from Dharmatala of private Ac Volvo was Rs 450. Now it stands at 550 rupees. Up to Durgapur it was 410 rupees. That increased to 510 rupees. Raniganj was 430 rupees, increased to 530 rupees. Up to Siliguri it was 1200 rupees. That is now 1300 rupees. Balurghat was increased from Tk 650 to Tk 650. However, fares for West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC) or other government AC bus services remain unchanged on all routes.

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