#Kolkata: Baliganj and Asansol by-elections today. Voting started at 8 am. The by-elections (WB By Election 2022) have been going on in the midst of sporadic unrest since morning under the surveillance of the central forces. The Election Commission has deployed a total of 136 companies in two centers to ensure fair and free voting. As there are more booths in Asansol, there are only 121 companies and 18 companies of central forces are deployed in Ballygunge By Election.

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Opposition groups called for a boycott of the polls in Baliganj and Asansol. The Election Commission has practically dispelled that allegation. The commission made it clear that there was no rigging anywhere.

The pace of voting (WB By Election 2022) was a bit slow since this morning. According to the Election Commission, the turnout in the Asansol Lok Sabha by-election was 54.40 percent till 3 pm. On the other hand, relatively few votes were cast in the Baliganj assembly by-election. At 3 pm, the turnout was 34.40 percent. Earlier, the turnout in the Asansol By-Election was 43.6 percent till 1 pm. In the Baliganj by-election, the turnout was 26.20 percent till one o’clock. Asansole vote was 9 to 12 in the morning. 6 percent. 7 percent in Baliganj.

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Pictures of scattered unrest centered on the election of the two centers have come to light since this morning. BJP candidate Agnimitra Pal had to face protests in Barabani of Asansol. Even the BJP candidate’s car was allegedly attacked with bamboo and sticks Agnimitra Paul also alleged that his security guard’s car was vandalized. Locals also alleged that Agnimitra Pal’s security guards beat him to disperse protesters. On the other hand, there were allegations of vandalism in Saina Halim’s car at Lady Brabourne College.

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