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#Kolkata: Pre-voting is on a specific day. In other words, the election of the four municipal corporations which is scheduled for January 22 will be held on time. However, there are many rules to follow in the election campaign. The commission has announced that it will conduct the voting process from campaigning under strict restrictions. In addition to maintaining social distance, wearing a mask in a compulsory manner, some other rules have been asked by the State Election Commission.

On Monday, he held meetings with the State Election Commission, Chief Secretary, Home Secretary and Health Secretary. According to the State Election Commission, guidelines on the election were prepared at that meeting. That meeting will be held on January 22, so it is practically final. But even if there is a vote, multiple restrictions will be imposed on the campaign program as well as multiple restrictions will be imposed on the polling stations. According to the notification given by the State Election Commission, no walk or road-show can be held. No bicycles, bikes or cars can be paraded. No candidate can carry more than 5 supporters to promote ‘Door to Door’.

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The State Election Commission has also given detailed guidelines on how many supporters can be present in a large public meeting or in an auditorium. According to the guidelines issued by the State Election Commission, if a political party holds a meeting in an open space, more than 500 people will not be allowed to attend the meeting. In this case, if a public meeting is held in an auditorium, then the meeting can be held in a maximum of 200 people in that auditorium or 50% of the total number of seats in the auditorium. The State Election Commission (SEC) also said that if any political party has already been given permission to hold a road show procession, the permission will be revoked.

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Besides, the state election commission has said that no public meeting or election-related meeting can be held from 8 pm to 9 am the next day. On the other hand, no campaign can be carried out 72 hours before the election. The State Election Commission on Monday issued detailed guidelines. This guideline has already been sent to every political party. Besides, the issue of compliance with the Kovid Protocol was also discussed at the polling booths. In addition to making masks mandatory at every polling station, the state election commission has been asked to ensure that the state administration has adequate sanitizers. Voters affected by the Corona will be allowed to vote within the last hour of voting. This has been informed by the State Election Commission.

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