#Kolkata: Calcutta has been in Calcutta since the British rule till today. Prove it again. The country’s first metro rail system was launched in Kolkata. That is now past. But the metropolis once again evoked that memory of the past. The reason is clear. The train will run on the ground floor or above – even again. But in the end, the metro rail will run fast with the bottom of the river Ganges? That surprise is going to be possible in Kolkata (India’s first underwater metro tunnel).

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Like the first metro rail, this city is getting the first badge in the country in terms of the first underwater metro rail. If all goes well, Howrah can be reached by a metro train from Kolkata on the Ganges or Hooghly river floor at the beginning of next year, 2023. In this regard, the Indian Railways has informed that this is the first metro train in the country to run through the river Ganga.

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Only a few days ago, the Kolkata Metro Rail Authority announced this. According to them, work on this project started several years ago. Work is in full swing to complete the project. To that end, the route will be fully operational early next year. According to the Metro Rail Authority, India’s first underwater tunnel corridor has been constructed 33 meters below the Hooghly River. Metro connection from Kolkata to Howrah will be provided by 2023. The railway will be 18.6 km long, with an east-west extension of 520 m at the bottom of the Hooghly River.

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The entire project of Kolkata East-West Metro Line has been under construction for several years now under the supervision of Calcutta Metro Rail Corporation (KMRCL). KMRCL’s Site Supervisor Mithun Ghosh, who is in charge of the project overseeing the safety and convenience of passengers, said the tunnel would have walkway arrangements to evacuate passengers in case of any emergency. The safety and security of the passengers is the main objective of the railways and the benefits of the project will be available from next year, he said.

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