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#Gosaba: On October 30, the state will again hold by-elections in four assembly constituencies (West Bengal By Election 2021). The last-minute episode is going on before him. Trinamool (Trinomul Congress) star preacher has spread in the field. Strong propaganda is going on. Saayoni Ghosh lost the Ekushey assembly polls by a narrow margin. But after the vote, Saini’s popularity has increased several hundred times.

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Even some of the political experts have seen the shadow of Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee in him. While the defeated candidates of the BJP are virtually absent in the field of politics, this grassroots leader is walking in the opposite direction. Saayoni Ghosh, the young Trinamool state president, has taken the West Bengal By Election 2021 campaign by storm with her popularity.

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On Sunday, in the Shantipur by-election (West Bengal By Election 2021), Trinamool star leader Saayoni Ghosh arrived to campaign for Trinamool candidate Brajkishore Goswami. Saini won the hearts of the people with her songs. Saini sang in the middle of her heart that day. The actress (Saayoni Ghosh) appeared in public wearing a green sari, white sari and black blouse. The mercantile crowd at this meeting in Shantipur explained that the number of his fans is increasing day by day.

Later on Monday, Saayoni Ghosh held a rally in support of Trinamool candidate Subrata Mandal in the Gosaba by-election (West Bengal By Election 2021). Saayoni Ghosh was seen standing on the stage and dancing to the tune of ‘Khela Chahe’. With the supporters present to dance. Saini’s message from the stage – ‘The game will be played in Gosaba on the 30th’.

Incidentally, last Saturday evening, Saini Ghosh, the state president of the young Trinamool Congress, mocked the BJP as a rotten fruit. On this day, he said, ‘Rotten fruit does not always have to be removed from the tree. Sometimes it rots so much that it falls off by itself. The BJP is like that rotten fruit. They don’t have to be uprooted anymore. They will fall on their own. People have understood their character. ‘ Saini Ghosh stood on the ground of Dinhata and put aside the candidate of Dinhata assembly constituency Udayan Guha.

Nusrat was not on the list of grassroots star campaigners in the by-election campaign list. In the meanwhile, the way Saini is drawing the limelight on the election campaign ground, the critics claim that this tolly heroine will soon become Didi’s favorite bride.

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