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Sushovan Bhattacharya, Kolkata: Preliminary autopsy reports state that KK had a heart problem. However, the final report will be available only after chemical analysis. It has become clear to the doctors that the singer did not look at Keke’s body. Talking to KK’s wife, the doctors found out that KK was suffering from acid problem, and from time to time he used to take Diazin (KK Death Update) to control the problem.

In his irregular life, he sang songs of happiness and sorrow, but the singer neglected his own body. Although he did night after night shows from the stage program, he always kept antacids with him.

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Singer KK first came to Calcutta and informed his wife about his illness. According to police sources, the singer set foot in Kolkata on May 30, the day before he went to a college function in Thakurpukur and told his wife on the phone that he had pain in his arm and shoulder. On Wednesday, a forensic team from the Lalbazar police chief visited the five-star hotel in Kolkata where KK was staying and inspected the room. According to police sources, the program ended at Nazrul Mancha on Tuesday at 6.45 am and KK reached the hotel at 9.15 am. Police found out through the hotel staff that he also took pictures at the request of his fans while entering the hotel.

When he got on the elevator from the hotel gate to his house, it was understood that Keke was ill. Police saw CCTV footage showing Keke holding his hand on the elevator and lowering his head, making it clear that Keke was not well. Police found out that Keke had gone to his house after telling the 18-year-old manager to go to his house. He later learned from CCTV footage that KK came out of the house in two minutes to look for a worker because he was feeling sick, and then he himself called about five workers by phone inside the house.

Although the staff came and was shocked to see the marks of the head injury, you can know that the singer went away later due to illness. The part of the table in the house was hit in the head. The news of his illness was reported to a doctor by phone on behalf of the hotel After telling him all the details, he advised to take him to the hospital immediately. However, as there was no ambulance at the renowned hotel, KK was taken to a private hospital in Ekbalpur by hotel car. According to police sources, CCTV camera footage of Khabar, Hotel and Nazrul Mancha is being collected and examined and people in charge are being questioned.

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