#Kolkata: By-elections began in the center of West Bengal. Voting today is in Kharadha Gosaba Shantipur and Dinhata. The results of the vote will be released next Tuesday. Apart from the Bengali by-elections, voting is taking place in three Lok Sabha and 26 Assembly seats in 14 states today.

The number of Dinhata voters is 29606. Number of voters in Kharadha – 232346. Shantipur voter 25489, Gosba voter 230230.

Central forces have been deployed in 27 companies in Dinhata, 20 companies in Kharadha, 22 companies in Shantipur and 23 companies in Gosaba. The central forces are present in 100 percent of the booths. If a polling station has one booth then 4 central forces, if there are 2 to 4 booths in a polling station then there are 8 central forces, if there are 5 to 6 booths then there are 16 central forces, if there are 9 or more booths then there are 24 central forces. . In this way, central forces will be deployed at various polling stations.

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The BJP won the assembly elections in Dinhata by just 56 votes. Despite winning, Nishith Pramanik returned to the post of MP. This time there is a fight between BJP candidate Ashok Mandal and Trinamool candidate Udayan Guhar.

Meanwhile, Trinamool candidate Kajal Sinha died after being attacked by Kovid despite winning by a good margin in Kharadha. Dude Trinamool leader Shobhandev Chattopadhyay, who is contesting in this seat, is contesting with Ankora BJP candidate, who left Mamata Banerjee after winning the Bhabanipur seat.

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Like Dinhata, BJP won Shantipur. Trinamool candidate Brajkishore Goswami is here in the by-election this time. The BJP has fielded Niranjan Biswas. On the other hand, Jayanta Naskar died on May 23 in Gosaba due to complications after Kovid. That is why the by-election became urgent again. The BJP has fielded Palash Rana here. Trinamool candidate Subrata Subrata Mandal is fighting with him.

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