WB Bypoll Election | The big decision about the force, the commission does not want to loosen the rush in the by-elections of four centers

#Kolkata: Central forces increased in the upcoming by-elections. According to the Election Commission, 12 more companies were added to the Central Force. On Thursday, the commission decided to deploy a total of 92 companies for the by-elections in four centers by adding 12 more companies. According to the commission, the commission can increase its forces if needed. In the eyes of the commission in the by-election on October 30, this is the day of Kochbihar.

According to the commission, the central forces are being deployed in most of the Dinhata centers for by-elections in four centers. According to commission sources, the decision was taken after considering the overall situation, including the protests surrounding the BJP candidate in Dinhata recently.

According to the sources of the commission, 28 companies are being deployed in Dinhata. Besides, it has been decided to deploy 22 companies in Shantipur, 20 companies in Khardaha and 23 companies in Gosaba. According to the commission, the central forces will be present in 100% of the booths for the by-elections in these four centers. If there is a polling station, 16 central forces, if there is a polling station with nine or more booths, 24 central forces will be deployed.

On the other hand, during the election campaign on Monday, the commission reported on the incident of protest against the BJP candidate in Dinhata. According to commission sources, the report was sent to the commission by the district election officer of the district along with video footage.

The commission has already decided to deploy central forces to maintain law and order in the area. Besides, the concerned district administration has been instructed to take necessary measures to ensure that law and order does not deteriorate in the area. To have a meeting with the CEO. On Tuesday, the BJP demanded that the Election Commission increase its central force. The BJP demanded that 30 companies with central forces vote in each of its centers.

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Although 92 companies have been deployed in the central forces so far, the central forces may increase if necessary, according to the commission. According to Election Commission sources, preparations have already started for web casting in at least 50% of the booths. However, the percentage of votes cast for webcasting and micro-observers will be finalized next week in the October 30 by-elections, according to commission sources.

-Somraj Banerjee

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