WB Bypoll Vote percentage | Voter turnout still less than 6% in Bhabanipur, attendance at Samsherganj-Jangipur booth doubles

#Kolkata: Bhabanipur did not get even 6 percent votes till 9 am. According to the Election Commission, more than twice as many votes were cast in Samsherganj Jangipur by 9 am as in Bhabanipur. So are urban voters a little reluctant to vote in the storm?

According to the statistics provided by the commission, the turnout in Bhabanipur was 8.56%. In Jangipur election 17.51 ​​percent votes were cast. The turnout in the Samsherganj election was 18.30 percent. The Trinamool wants more votes as soon as possible. On the other hand, BJP and CPM are bringing up the theory of reluctance of the people.

On the same day, CPM candidate Sreejib Biswas said, “It is unfortunate that not even 6 per cent of the votes were cast till 9 am. It cannot be a heavyweight center.” The vote is not reading. Sreejib further said that it is necessary to keep an eye on it so that there is no ghost vote.

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In context, West Bengal has always had less votes than in by-elections. Let’s talk about 2011. Since Mamata Banerjee was elected as the Chief Minister as an MP at that time, she had to return after contesting the by-elections. Only 44 percent of the votes were cast in that election.

For now, the grassroots goal is to increase the vote percentage as soon as possible. The grassroots are looking at the hierarchies to increase the vote percentage. Security forces have already started route marches to encourage voters. Trinamool ward coordinators have been conducting door-to-door campaigns throughout the month. Even today they are on the streets since morning. Wanting to bring as many voters to the booth as possible.

Input-Somraj Banerjee

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