Wb Covid positivity rate | Positivity rate is increasing in these districts including Kolkata.

#Kolkata: The number of Corona victims has been increasing since the end of Pujo. Not only that, the positivity rate is increasing significantly (Wb Covid positivity rate) in some districts. The graph prepared by the State Health Department shows that the positivity rate in two or three districts, including Kolkata, is above 3 percent. According to the health department, the positivity rate is highest in Khabar, Kolkata and Howrah. In Howrah district, the positivity date from October 12 to 16 was 3.69 percent. Where the positivity rate from 5th to 11th October was 3.51%.

However, before the festive season, the Wb Covid positivity rate in the district was 2.92 percent till October 4. However, not only in Howrah district, but also in Kolkata district, the positivity rate has increased significantly. According to the data compiled by the state health department on a weekly basis, the positivity rate in Kolkata before Pujo, i.e. October 4, was 2.6 per cent. But then from October 5 to 11, the positivity rate rose to 3.11 percent. From 12th to 16th October, the positivity rate has further increased in Kolkata district. According to statistics, the positivity rate in Kolkata at the moment is 3.75 percent. The state administration is quite worried about that.

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However, not only in Kolkata or Howrah, but also in two other districts of the state, the positivity rate is above 3 percent. According to the health department, the positivity rate in Jalpaiguri district has risen to 3.23 per cent from October 12 to 16 and in Darjeeling district it has risen to 3.09 per cent. According to the health department, the overall positivity rate in the HR district has gone above 3 percent during the festive season. However, the positivity rate has increased significantly in almost every district since October 5.

According to sources, positivity red has increased in every district except Alipurduar, Jhar, Murshidabad, East Midnapore and East Burdwan since October 5. However, in the North 24 Parganas district, the positivity rate is close to three percent. As of October 16, the state health department estimates the state’s positivity is 2.53 percent.

On Tuesday, Chief Secretary Harikrishna Dwivedi held a virtual meeting with the district governor and district health officers. The meeting expressed concern over the increase in positivity rates in several places, including Kolkata, and gave necessary instructions to increase vaccination in rural areas.

Besides, the chief secretary also directed the district health officers to increase the number of tests. At the same time, the Chief Secretary has instructed the district magistrate to take necessary steps by identifying the areas where the number of cases of carcinoma is increasing, according to sources.

-Somraj Banerjee

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