#Kolkata: Noise has fallen in Kamarhati. Every day in Qatar, people are gathering in the hospital. Everyone has symptoms of abdominal pain and vomiting. Locals say diarrhea is the main cause of waterborne infections. The government report itself shows that more than 160 people have been suffering from diarrhea in the last few days. According to sources, the outbreak of diarrhea is seen in wards 1, 2, 3 and 5 of Kamarhati.

Area MLA Madan Mitra said the co-ordinator, led by the vice-chancellor, had already sent several people from house to house to gather information on the matter. Madan Mitra assured, “We will see to it that there is no problem with the treatment anywhere.”

Inadequate space is becoming a big problem for diarrhea sufferers. The wife has to refer the patient away. It is seen that in case of patients there is abdominal pain and vomiting, many patients are fainting fast.

Health Department Report-

So far 160 people have been diagnosed with diarrhea in Kamarhati municipality. 6 of them are undergoing treatment at Kamarhati Sagar Dutt Medical College Hospital. 40 people are undergoing treatment at Kamarhati ESI Hospital. Diarrhea has been linked to the deaths of two of the patients being treated. The health department’s argument is that there have been two more deaths, but it has nothing to do with diarrhea.

What steps have been taken

Every house has been inspected by Kamarhati Municipality and local administration. Everyone has been observed. Counseling has been done. Diarrhea patients have been found. Halogen tablets and ORS have been delivered.

All water tanks have been given zeolite. Health camps have been held from six in the morning to six in the evening.

Anal juice of 9 people and water samples from 4 places have been sent to Beleghata Nice. His report has not yet been received.

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