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WB Gov: Once again a new credit card, West Bengal government came forward with the help of people in this special profession


#Kolkata: This time the West Bengal Government has decided to give credit cards to fishermen and fishermen. The Fisherman’s Credit Card project is being included in the government’s door-to-door program starting January 1. The State Fisheries Department has already issued its guidelines, sources said. The guidelines have also been sent to various district officials and district governors. The guidelines state that the state fisheries department will actively participate in the government’s program starting from January 1. Fishermen will be given Fisherman Credit Cards.

The guidelines issued by the state fisheries department said that the officials of each district fisheries department would prepare a complete list by December 16. Make a list of how many fishermen there are under each gram panchayat. After that talk to the concerned district officials and decide how many centers should be set up in each gram panchayat. The State Fisheries Department and the Directorate of Fisheries will prepare a simple and straightforward application form.

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That application will be sent to the District Fisheries Officers of each district. District Fisheries Officers will print a sufficient number of applications and distribute them through the camp in collaboration with the district administration. Prior to this project, in collaboration with the district administration, the district officials of the fisheries department will publicize the guidelines. However, the guidelines state that the Aadhaar card will be linked in a timely manner.

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According to Nabanna Sutra, the news was initially fixed that a loan of two to two and a half lakh rupees would be given through this fisherman’s credit card. However, the final decision will be taken by next Tuesday, according to the State Fisheries Department. There are about 32 lakh fishermen in the state. As a result, the state finance department thinks that so many fishermen can get the benefit of it. The state has already introduced Kisan Credit Card and Student Credit Card. In addition to the fishermen’s credit card, another credit card is going to be included in the government’s program, according to sources. The state will also finalize it early next week. Earlier, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had said that the government program would be resumed at the door from January 1.

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