#Kolkata: Navanna warned about the flood situation before the onset of monsoon. Navanna wanted to know the details of which rivers need to be dredged, from which place to where dredging should be done, how much dredging should be done across which part, in which village or block the condition of river is worst. If any canal dressing has to be done in the municipal corporation area also, it should be informed. Complaints were raised last year that dredging of multiple canals was not being done. Due to this, before the onset of the rainy season, he has been cautious about dredging for a few months. The Irrigation Department has also asked for a separate report on dredging of rivers.

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Earlier, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had opened a control room for students stranded in Ukraine. He also wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bring all Indians back to the country quickly. It also had the message of being by his side. But he has already made it clear two days ago that he will not remain silent about the matter. He had earlier fired at the Center over the Ukraine issue. “The prime minister is busy campaigning in Uttar Pradesh. So I am also going to Uttar Pradesh. But I am doing my duty there. ” Mamata Banerjee writes, “I am very worried about the Indian students stuck in Ukraine. Life is precious. Why is it taking so long to bring them back? Why the necessary work has not been done before? He added, “I urge the central government to make arrangements for adequate number of flights immediately and bring back all the students as soon as possible.” We are all in the same position, especially on foreign affairs. But sometimes I see that there is a lack of coordination on important foreign policy issues and we lag behind for political reasons. And our students are stuck in Ukraine now. “


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