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WB Govt On Industry Cabinet takes important decision today | Huge investment in Bengal again! Important decision in the cabinet meeting … – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: There is going to be huge investment in the industry again in the state (West Bengal News). The decision was taken at a meeting of the state cabinet (WB Cabinet on Industry) on Thursday. In several administrative meetings, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asked the industrialists to be proactive in setting up bicycle factories in the state. The state has to bring in a huge amount of bicycles for the green partner project. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said more than once that if the Cycle Factory is set up in the state, it will benefit the industrialists. That decision was virtually approved at a cabinet meeting on Thursday. The approval to call for tenders for setting up a bicycle factory in the state was taken at today’s cabinet meeting, sources said.

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According to Nabanna Sutra, out of the number of bicycles to be produced from Khabar Bicycle Factory, the number of bicycles required for the State (West Bengal News) will be taken by the State. The rest of the company can give the rest. According to sources, several companies have already expressed interest in setting up Cycle Factories in the state.

Students of the state (West Bengal News) were given bicycles in the Green Companion project. In that case the state needs a huge amount of bicycles. From that point of view, if the state’s bicycle factory is built, on the one hand, there will be employment and on the other hand, the cost of importing from outside the state will be reduced.

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On the other hand, hundreds of vacancies have been created in today’s state cabinet meeting. On the one hand, while the state (West Bengal News) is about to set up a bicycle factory, on the other hand, Nabanna has given a message to the districts that small industrial parks can be set up in every assembly constituency. According to Nabanna Sutra, the responsibility of small and cottage industries has been given to each assembly based so that one industrial park related to small and cottage industries can be created. In that case minimum land will be 5 acres.

The message was given to the districts of the state on behalf of the Chief Secretary on Thursday, according to sources. On behalf of Navanna, each district magistrate has been instructed that if there is any proposal in this regard by any organization by December 20, it should be sent to the Chief Secretary of the Department of Small and Cottage Industries by December 20.

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