#Kolkata: This time the state health department is working to prevent adulterated drugs. Recently, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed concern over the spread of adulterated drugs. Not only that, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had directed the state health department and police to closely monitor the situation. This time, one step further, the state health department directed to set up drug testing laboratories in each district. Districts that already have drug testing laboratories have been instructed to create better standards. On Tuesday, the secretary of the state health department sent the letter to each district magistrate and the chief health officer of each district.

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The letter said that at present there are five regional offices under the state health department and offices in 18 districts under the Drug Directorate. But their infrastructure needs to be further improved. Drug testing laboratories are also required. That is why the state health department wants to set up 4,000 square feet regional offices in Siliguri, Burdwan, Bahrampur, Bankura … these four places. Not only that, the state health department wants to have a specific office from 1 thousand to 2 thousand square feet in each district headquarters. For this, each district has been specially instructed to set up these offices with due diligence.

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Originally, these offices were temporarily run under the Drug Directorate in several districts. The state health department wants to check the quality of medicines not only in Kolkata but also in different districts. Not only that, the state wants to increase surveillance in different districts of the state to prevent adulterated drugs. This initiative is considered to be due to him. On Wednesday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee called an emergency meeting with Kovid. All the district officials of the health department, principals and superintendents of medical colleges have been instructed to attend the meeting virtually.

The state health department on Tuesday directed all district officials to convene a meeting on Wednesday. According to health officials, the Central Drug Directorate has offices in several districts under the Drug Director. Those offices are said to be of high quality. The state government wants to make the Drug Directorate more active in monitoring the drugs that come into the state. That is why the health department officials demanded this instruction.

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