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WB HS Result 2022: Not a multinational company, the eighth-ranked low-income family to join Sauvik’s dream defense


Kolkata: Parents on duty. On the day of the announcement of the results of the high school, Sauvik Das was alone at home Didn’t go anywhere to know what the result of the test was He kept his eyes on the television screen He knew that he could know his own result from there In other words, Sauvik was sure that he would be in the merit list of higher secondary And his guess was not wrong This year’s high school results were announced on Friday morning, with Sauvik, a student at Chetla Boys’ High School, finishing eighth this time.

Sauvik’s slender face, his self-confidence and conviction clear in body language That determination is falling even in the thin voice He said, “I did not go anywhere to know the result I kept my eyes on the TV. ‘ You can know from TV that he got 491 out of 500 and got 8th place in high school This time a total of 55 students got place in the 8th place in the merit list

Shauvik, a student of Commerce, wants to pursue higher studies in this field But after that the dream is a little different A few steps away from the traditional dream of the meritorious, he will set foot in a defensive profession. In his words, “I want to join the defense.” Why this dream? The teenager with short hair on one head said, he does not know the reason behind this dream However, he has been cherishing this wish for a long time In addition to studying, running in the green field regularly Besides being a meritorious student, he is also a skilled athlete

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After finishing eighth in high school, Sauvik first remembered about his parents It seems that the contribution of school teachers and home teachers With the help of whom he has always received any problem Gratitude for the teachers also fell on the voice of Sauvik’s mother After receiving the news of the good result of the meritorious boy, he came home at that time He still wears a security guard’s uniform at work He can’t forget his neighbors at this happy moment Aunts and uncles in the neighborhood keep an eye on Sauvik Because his parents have to be out for most of the day for duty Now that the family is broken up into atomic nuclei, the larger shadow of the slave family is in the neighborhood of the protracted neighborhood.

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However, the slave family has not been a resident of Chetla for a long time In the house where they used to live, there was no learning environment Changed address 6 only for boy’s studies Urban and Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim has arranged a house for the head Sauvik’s family has also expressed their gratitude to him

The slave family, who had crossed the path of a long time friend, is now floating in the stream of congratulations and good wishes. However, Sauvik is not willing to float in the current On the contrary, the bird eye defense department of this talented teenager who crossed the upstream

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