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#Kolkata: Disruption in the pre-vote (KMC Elections 2021) 6 Even after that, there is no discomfort in the BJP camp This time, Gerua Shibir was upset over the remarks of former state president Dilip Ghosh. The BJP leader claimed that they were mentally prepared for the bad results in the Kolkata municipal elections However, the former BJP state president blamed the BJP’s organizational weakness, not just allegations of vote irregularities against the grassroots.

Taking a morning walk in Echo Park on the same day, Dilip Ghosh said, “We have not been able to do well in the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in Kolkata or its environs. Because our organization is very weak in this area This terror is going on above him As a result, we will get huge success in the pre-election, none of us thought like that No one expected anything good to happen. “

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Shortly afterwards, the ruling BJP state president pointed a finger at the ruling Trinamool and said, “The Trinamool also knew they would get more than 100 seats. Why did they rigging after that? Because they kept the message that the election of Bengal will be held in this way He set a precedent for the rest of the municipal elections.

In this comment of Dilip Ghosh, however, it is natural to raise questions Because many BJP leaders, including Dilip Ghosh, in the pre-poll campaign, claimed that change would start from the Kolkata municipality. However, in the end, the BJP won only three of the 144 seats it contested The Left has also surpassed the BJP in terms of getting votes

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Despite partially agreeing with Dilip Ghosh, BJP leader Jayaprakash Majumder has blamed some of the grassroots leaders for the party’s demise. He claimed, ‘What Dilip Babu has said is the real condition of the party A political party can only evaluate itself What Dilip Babu did not say was that we relied heavily on some grassroots leaders to overcome the organizational weakness in Kolkata.

Trinamool state secretary Kunal Ghosh did not stop mocking Dilip Ghosh’s remarks. He claims, ‘Dilip Babu is being forced to say this There are two reasons for this First, it is not a real BJP organization and they are weak The second reason is that Dilip Babu is happy in his mind because of the bad results of BJP Because he has been removed from the presidency. ” The Trinamool leader further demanded, “BJP is weak not only in Kolkata but in the entire state.” This is because the BJP has lost in the Assembly elections in those areas, including Jhargram, where it won the Lok Sabha by voting with the central forces.

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