Kolkata: It will be hot in spring too. The Meteorological Department forecast that the temperature may rise up to 4 degrees in the next 4-5 days. Winter mood will decrease in the morning and evening. However, there is no possibility of rain at present. In Kolkata, there is a mild winter mood in the morning and evening. During the rest of the day this amaze disappears. This week it will be colder and less hot. The summer season begins in the spring. Partly cloudy skies in Kolkata for next 48 hours.

On Monday morning, the first working day of the week, the minimum temperature in Kolkata was 21.2 degrees Celsius. Which is one degree below normal. The maximum temperature on Sunday afternoon was 33.4 degrees Celsius, which is the normal temperature. The relative humidity in the air is 25 to 69 percent. There has been no rain in the city in the last 24 hours.

There are cyclones over North Bengal and Sikkim. However, there is no possibility of rain in this cyclone. There may be partly cloudy skies in one or two places. However, although the sky is partly cloudy, there is no possibility of rain in the state at present. This is the forecast of Alipore Meteorological Department. The temperature will rise in the districts from Tuesday. Winter mood will decrease in the morning and evening.

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A Pubali axis extends from the upper part of North Bengal and the cyclone over Sikkim to the Arabian Sea. Extension of this axis from Sikkim to East Central Arabian Sea. The axis reaches the Arabian Sea through Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Central Maharashtra.

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There are three more cyclones over Chhattisgarh, East Bangladesh and south-east Bay of Bengal. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are most likely to receive rain at this time. There is also a slight chance of light rain in the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. There is little chance of rain in some southern Indian states, including Tamil Nadu. There is no possibility of rain in the rest of the country at present. Rather the heat will increase in the next few days.

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Temperatures have already reached 40 degrees in the adjoining areas, including Gujarat. Temperatures hovered between 36 and 40 degrees in several states, including Gujarat, western Rajasthan and the Konkan coast of Kerala. The meteorological department has warned of heat wave conditions in several states. Already Saurashtra, Kutch heatwave situation has been created. The meteorological office has forecast that this heat wave will continue for the next 24 hours. Heat wave conditions are also forecast in Konkan and western Rajasthan. According to the meteorological department, there is a possibility of heat wave in western Rajasthan on Tuesday. The meteorological department has forecast heat wave in western Rajasthan and eastern India on Wednesday and Thursday.

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