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Weather Report: Heavy rain in South Bengal this time, special caution in weather office forecast! Learn …


#Kolkata: The rain is coming. Scattered heavy rains are expected in some districts of South Bengal. Cloudy skies and light to moderate rain are forecast for the rest of the district. Heavy rains in North Bengal even today.

Monsoon winds have blown over several areas in South Bengal and Jharkhand. The seasonal axis extends from Dumka to Motihari over Bhavnagar fort Kalingapatnam and absolutely over Haldia Burdwan. In the next two days, monsoon winds will blow over the rest of Gangetic West Bengal and most parts of eastern India including Jharkhand and Bihar.

There is no possibility of heavy rain in Kolkata at present. Light to moderate rain in South Bengal for next 2/3 days. Basically cloudy sky. Scattered heavy rains are likely in one or two places in North and South 24 Parganas of East Midnapore. Scattered heavy rains are also expected at a couple of places in Murshidabad Birbhum. Rain will increase in South Bengal after Monday.

Heavy rains will continue in North Bengal. Warning of heavy rain in Jalpaiguri at Alipurduar of Kochbihar even today. There will be heavy rains in Darjeeling and Kalimpong, Malda and north and south Dinajpur.

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The sky is mostly cloudy in Kolkata. Light to moderate rain in a few phases. The temperature in the cloudy sky is lower than normal.

The daytime temperature dropped to 31.1 degrees Celsius yesterday afternoon, 2 degrees below normal. The minimum temperature in the morning was 25.6 degrees below normal. The relative humidity in the air is 85 to 93 percent. Rainfall in the last 24 hours is a little 7.9 mm.

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Active south and southwest winds in addition to the seasonal axis. Effect of east-west axis. This axis extends from Rajasthan to Manipur. This axis passes over Uttar Pradesh Bihar North Bengal Assam. There are also cyclones in Haryana and the south-west Bay of Bengal. There is another axis in South India. Which extends from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu. Western hurricane is also active in western India.

Heavy rain forecast for Delhi, Punjab, Haryana today and tomorrow. There will be heavy rainfall in the hilly areas of northwestern India and in the plain states. Chance of heavy rain in Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura in next 4/5 days.

Scattered heavy rains today and tomorrow in Gangetic West Bengal Bihar Jharkhand. Heavy rains expected in Orissa in next few days. After two days, heavy rains will fall in Maharashtra, Kankan and Goa.

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