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# Bidhannagar: Didn’t you feel uncomfortable doing such things after the police uniform? This is the question asked by the judge (Bidhannagar Molestation Case) to the policeman and the civic volunteer who were accused of molesting a young woman on a bike in Bidhannagar.

On this day both the accused were taken to Bidhannagar ACJM court The two accused, ASI Sandeep Pal and Civic Volunteer Abhishek Malakar, have been remanded in police custody till December 26.

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A young woman from Asansol was allegedly sexually harassed in the name of helping ASI Sandeep Pal of the Bidhannagar Commissionerate’s Traffic Division and Civic Volunteer Abhishek Malakar on Saturday night. It is alleged that the two men physically harassed the girl by lifting her on a bike when she asked for help in the middle of the night Both of them were arrested on the basis of the girl’s allegations On the same day, the judge expressed his anger against the two policemen who were taken to the ACJM court in Bidhannagar.

ACJM Shantanu Gangopadhyay said to the two policemen, “The young woman came to seek help in a helpless condition. Why didn’t you inform the local police station? Did you inform the local police station while putting the bike? ‘

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The victim sought help from the two policemen as she could not get a car from Bidhannagar bus stand after coming from Asansol. Raising the issue, the judge asked the day, why the accused did not help the young woman by calling a cab? The angry judge said, ‘You were wearing a police uniform, didn’t you feel uncomfortable doing that? Didn’t you read Vishakha guide line? You never know the law by being a man of law. If you had said so, the local police would have taken the girl to the destination in a car with a female police officer and a cab.

The judge added, “The young woman had no choice but to ask the police for help.” Because that’s where he felt most secure Why did you put that woman on the bike? ‘

The lawyer of the accused ASI then tried to say that it would not be possible for the police to benefit anyone if such rules were followed. “There is no need to do such a thing,” the judge countered.

The lawyer for the accused Civic Volunteer argued that since the Civic Volunteer was riding a bike, he did not understand what was going on behind him. This argument was also refuted by the judge He counter-questioned, ‘How much space was there on your bike that you didn’t understand what’s going on behind you?’ The judge further questioned what the civic volunteer was doing there that night, despite the fact that his duty was over at ten o’clock at night.

The judge said, “After the duty is over, you are not obliged to listen to the ASI.” You should have said that these things should not be done I’ll be stuck. ‘

According to police sources, both the accused were drunk at the time of the incident In addition to recording the victim’s statement, the police also requested the court to hold a TI parade of the two accused. Bidhannagar police said the incident would be investigated by an ACP rank officer. ACP Rupashree has been given the responsibility as the hill investigating officer

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