#Kolkata: The assembly witnessed many protests by the opposition. But after the BJP’s protest rally on Friday, some sections of the political establishment felt that the BJP’s move was not only unprecedented but also exemplary. On this day there was a budget session in the assembly. The BJP has ridiculed the budget as directionless. At the same time, BJP legislators started protesting inside the assembly, accusing the Center of running projects in the name of the state. Opposition BJP leaders, led by Leader of the Opposition Shuvendu Adhikari, staged a protest in Porto Alegre. They were seen tearing up several papers during the protest. But after the program ended, the protesters threw the torn papers in a dustbin.

But why did the BJP MLAs do that?

In this context, BJP MLA Ashok Dinda said, ‘Our party is a disciplined party. And our Prime Minister is a proponent of transparent India. So it is our responsibility. Paper can be torn in a demonstration, puppets can be burned. But when the program is over, the place should be cleared. Such playgrounds are kept clean at all times. In the same way, this assembly is our workplace, so we should keep this place clean. ‘

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The BJP carried out social movements all over the country with the message of transparent India. After the day was announced, the road-ghat station, park cleaning program was taken by the party. At various times, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clean-up operation went viral. The controversy over this has not diminished. However, the BJP has never backed down from giving the message of cleanliness. The action of the party MLAs on Friday is part of this work. However, such incidents in the assembly have garnered praise from all.

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