West Bengal Civic Polls 2021: Trinamool has big plans to occupy all the municipalities in Kolkata, Pala district!

#Kolkata: After Kolkata, this time the focus is on the district. The ruling party is already preparing to win all the municipalities (West Bengal Civic Polls 2021). The guideline has been tied from the top level of the team. Instructions to increase public relations from house to house. Not complacency, where opponents are strong, spend more time with arrogant workers. To win the rational campaign without giving in to persuasion.

The Trinamool Congress is going to start public relations for the municipal polls from the festive season. Jora Phul Shibir is starting public relations from house to house to win all the municipalities. . Where there is no lead in the assembly vote, more time is spent on public relations Promotion also in the lead part. The Trinamool Congress and all its affiliates must work together.

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Residents need to be informed about what the Trinamool has developed at the local level in the last few years. Opposition did not work, this campaign must be emphasized. What other grassroots wants to do in the coming days must be publicized. Instructions to go to supporters or family. They are also asked to see the benefits of social projects. Particular attention to the work of part scrutiny. Booth workers must be active in their own part from now on. Forget who will be the candidate. From now on, Pratik and Mamata Banerjee will be instructed to go on the campaign trail. The party will nominate only qualified candidates.

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There should be proper observance of government programs. Instructions to be active in social or other events during the festive season. In order to increase public relations, care should be taken so that people are not disturbed. We have to explain why the Trinamool has to vote. We have to respond to the slanders of the opposition with rational propaganda. It won’t work.

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