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West Bengal CM gave assurance to grow industry along with farming in coming days Panchayat ‘bird’s eye’, art message from Singur Mamata! Promises development in agro-industry – News18 Bangla


# Singur: Standing on the ground of Singur, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee again gave the message of industry. Speaking at the inauguration of the temple at Bajemelia in Singur, Mamata said, “The people of Singur have got their land back. They have won the Supreme Court for their indomitable spirit towards the movement. Again, there will be industry. Agriculture and industry will take Singur on the path of development (Mamata At Singur). “

Panchayat elections in the state next year. Before the 2011 assembly elections, the ‘wind rooster’ of state politics was Singur, Nandigram. The movement to save agricultural land was won by the Trinamool in the 2008 panchayat elections in two district councils like East Midnapore and South 24 Parganas. This victory was indicative of the grassroots. Opponents allege that due to Mamata’s land movement, the people of Mamata At Singur got their land back, but the wrong message about the state’s industrialization went to the country’s industrialists. The state has never been able to overcome that drought of industry. On the contrary, before coming to the state government in 2011, Mamata had to respond to the opposition’s criticism of ‘Singure Shiday Shiday’ by making rules before every election.

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However, after coming to power for the third time in 2021, Mamata Banerjee realizes that without industrialization, it is not possible to accelerate the state’s financial situation and employment. According to a senior party MP and leader, before the 24th Lok Sabha polls, the 23rd Panchayat elections are an ‘acid test’ for the grassroots. The support of the rural people is still the grassroots base. As a result, in order to retain the vote bank of the rural people, there will be no government at the door or with projects like Kanyashree, Yubashree. He needs to do something to inspire hope in industry and employment. In the words of the grassroots leaders, “At the moment we are in the assembly. We have the support of the people. As a result, Mamata has made the right decision at the right time.”

According to political observers, the state’s economy has been on the brink of collapse for the past two years due to the Covid situation. There is growing frustration among the younger generation as there is no direction for employment. Issues such as government jobs, especially teacher recruitment, and the involvement of part of the party in corruption have eroded people’s confidence in the grassroots and the state government. Only the possibility of industrialization and employment can bring the team to a favorable position in this situation.

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In 2011, the CPM’s slogan was “Agriculture is our foundation, industry is our future.” No, it is a reality. Keeping in mind the demands of the time, Mamata has an industrial message in the state before the panchayat elections.

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