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#Kolkata: Finally, a new form of corona, Omicron, was discovered in India. Recently, the center was putting a lot of emphasis on corona testing of passengers from certain countries due to Omicron panic. Emphasis is also placed on genome sequencing. And in that genome sequencing, ‘Omicron’ variant was caught in the bodies of two people. Health Secretary Love Agarwal said on the day that a new look had been found in the bodies of the two in Karnataka. Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) had warned about this immunization. The Union Ministry of Health has again warned all the states about the new form of coronavirus ‘Omicron’ identified in South Africa. The Union Ministry of Health has directed to take special precautionary measures against passengers of 12 countries including Great Britain, Bangladesh, Singapore and Israel. In the terminology of virology, the name of this new form is B.1.1529. Experts say that this form of coronavirus has been created by replacing spike protein at least 32 times.

However, in the meantime, the number of coronavirus infections in the state has decreased from yesterday to today (West Bengal Coronavirus Update). With some relief, the rate of coronavirus infection in the state is also quite low today (West Bengal Coronavirus Update). Coronavirus infection in the state for several days in the state was almost eight hundred almost every day (West Bengal Coronavirus Update). Yesterday the number of coronaviruses was 6 people, today it has come down to 756 people. The number of deaths due to corona was 12 yesterday, it is still 12 today. Today, however, there are more people recovering from corona than from being infected with corona. Today, 6 people have recovered after being infected with corona.

At present, the number of active corona patients in the state has come down from 8,000 to 6,790. However, in the last 24 hours, only 36,037 corona tests have been done in the entire state, out of which 656 corona positive. The corona positivity rate in the state has come down to 1.76% from yesterday’s 1.79 %%. A section of the medical community in the state says that while it has been repeatedly said that more and more corona tests are being done, so fewer corona tests are being done in the state now and as a result the number of infected people is much less.

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No other district in the state has been able to surpass Kolkata’s record in the number of corona attacks. Kolkata has the highest incidence of coronavirus. In the last 24 hours, 153 people have been infected with corona in Kolkata and 3 have died. On the other hand, 122 people have been infected with corona in North 24 Parganas district since yesterday and 5 people have died in one corona. In Howrah district near Kolkata, the number of infected people has come down to 39 and 1 has died. South 24 Parganas district is also not far behind, where 58 people have been infected with corona, one dead. On the other hand, 47 people have been infected with corona in Hughli district and one person has died. In Nadia district, 19 people were infected with corona and 2 died due to corona. However, the panic increased again and yesterday, the number of people affected by corona in Birbhum district suddenly increased to 36, but today it has decreased to 22. West Burdwan district is also not backward, 24 people have been affected there today.

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However, the situation is much better in the districts of North Bengal than in South Bengal. However, the number of affected districts in North Bengal has increased a bit today as compared to the last few days. South Dinajpur district has the highest number of victims, today there are 26 people infected with corona. Then in Darjeeling district 26 people were attacked and one died. Today 18 people have been infected in Jalpaiguri district. On the other hand, the number of corona victims in Malda district has reached 14 today. Since then, 12 people have been attacked in Kochbihar. Today, the lowest number of corona attacks in the state is in Kalimpong district of North Bengal. Only one corona has been affected there today. Since then, 3 corona have been infected in Alipurduar district. On the other hand, in Purulia and Jhargram districts of South Bengal, three people have been infected with corona today.

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