#Kolkata: Chief Secretary of the state Hari Krishna Dwivedi called a meeting to prepare for storms, rains and floods in advance. The meeting has been called on May 8 in Nabanna meeting room. According to sources, the four-point issue will be discussed at the meeting. The meeting was convened by the chief secretary to discuss early forecast of rains and early warning preparations for storms, how rescue and relief work would be carried out, and how reconstruction work would be carried out. The Chief Secretary will prepare the routemap in a meeting with the district magistrates of each district of the state, officials of Disaster Management Office, NDRF, Power Department.

The state government wants to learn from the past and prepare for rains, floods and storms in advance. The Chief Minister had instructed in a recent meeting that the state should take precautionary measures for storms and floods. Due to this, the political circles think that this is an urgent activity of the state administration.

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Meanwhile, early warning of flood situation in Alipurduar district of North Bengal is expected to reach the residents of the district through social media this year. The district administration will spread the word through social media if there are floods, heavy rains and various warnings in the river. Officials of various departments of the district administration will also be able to prepare in advance to deal with the situation by being alert in advance. Alipurduar district governor Surendra Kumar Mina recently held a meeting with officials of various departments of the district administration to address the flood situation.

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The district governor said the control room would be opened by the district administration before the monsoon. In case of heavy rains in Bhutan mountains, the water commission will send the report to the district magistrate. Various weather related information from the state was also sent to the district administration. As a result, social media will be used to alert the concerned departments of the administration against any natural calamity in the rainy season. The district governor said that any information related to the alert would be shared with the administration officials, employees as well as media representatives through various WhatsApp groups.

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