#Kolkata: On Thursday, Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar once again sneered at the law and order situation in the state. Referring to the recent events, Governor West Bengal Jagdeep Dhankhar again targeted the state on the issue of ‘Role of Government’. Expressing concern, he said, “People of the state are living in fear. Bengal has now become a gas chamber of democracy. The state has become an arena of corruption.”

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Indirectly raising the issue of Rampurhat, the Governor said, “Somewhere they are being burnt and in this context the families of the victims are being given jobs. Governor Dhankhar further added, “The system of governance should always move in a certain direction.”

Apparently the governor raised the question on this day, if the families of the victims of the Rampurhat incident got government jobs, why didn’t those who were affected by the post-election unrest get jobs? Jagdeep Dhankhar said, “I have received many letters regarding post-election violence, so why is there insensitivity in those incidents? Everyone should be seen in the eyes of the ruler.”

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On the occasion of BR Ambedkar’s birthday today, the Governor said, “Today, on Ambedkar’s birthday, I will say, maintain democracy. We must adhere to a certain policy. We are accountable to the constitution. Some recent events have taken us by surprise. “

In this context, Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar mentioned the meeting with CS and DG yesterday. He said, “I have asked the DG to take strict action. I have told the Chief Secretary that the Supreme Court has said that we should speak differently about Gyanwant Singh.” On the other hand, Dhankhar also raised the question as to why the report is not being given to the governor on behalf of the government.

At the same time, the Governor expressed his satisfaction with the meeting with the DG and Chief Secretary of the state. Where his use and speech was positive. Indirectly taunting the government, the governor said on Thursday, “We do not want a state where there is only violence. We do not want a state where only women are oppressed. We have a lot to do in our state. Women have been given a lot of power in this state. We are golden.” I’m missing out on opportunities. The bureaucrats here are also involved in politics. ” The governor also raised the issue of lack of cooperation on the part of the government. “There should be a balance between the state’s governance and the constitution,” he said.

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