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#Kolkata: The Center has termed Bangladesh and Singapore as ‘risky countries’. The government guideline clearly states that RTPCR test should be made compulsory for all those who come from Bangladesh. According to the Centre’s guidelines, Bangladesh and Singapore are among the countries at risk. If someone from this country reports positive, isolation will have to be arranged separately. The state health department has instructed the districts accordingly.

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Amid concerns over COVID variant Omicron, stricter regulations have been introduced in Delhi for citizens of high-risk countries. Under this, in countries where a new variant of corona virus has been detected, RT-PCR testing, genome sequencing and retreat have been made mandatory if the report is positive.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held an emergency meeting on Omikron on Saturday. After that, a separate meeting was held on Sunday with Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla, VK Paul, a member of the health department of the policy commission and other bureaucrats. There is a discussion about the rules that can be brought for the passengers coming from the risky countries.

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Then on Monday the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) released a list of regulations for foreign nationals. States have also been warned. Delhi Chief Secretary Vijay Kumar Dev has been asked to introduce regulations as soon as possible in coordination with the Ministry of Civil Aviation and various government departments.

The state health department has since warned the districts about this. “It is important to note that Bangladesh and Singapore have been included as risky countries,” the statement said. Accordingly, more awareness needs to be maintained for passengers arriving from these two countries.

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