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#Kolkata: The state government has directed to close schools, colleges and universities in the state from Monday. But how will the class be? This time the state higher education department issued detailed guidelines. A total of five-point guidelines have been issued by the department. According to the notification, the college will be closed from Monday to January 12. However, online classes will be taken as before. Besides, the test will also be online. However, the work of college and university principal or principal, vice chancellor, teacher-in-charge, officer-in-charge, administrative department, registrar, finance department will continue as before. At the same time, the responsibility of the emergency department, ie, electricity, water, security personnel and officers will remain.

The guidelines state that all college and university hostels must be closed until further notice. However, if a student is unable to go home from campus (due to being away from home or being abroad), then if they stay in a hostel, they need to be treated as necessary. However, no one from outside will be allowed to meet with those students. Only with the permission of the head of the institution can one meet the student in accordance with the social distance rules and tax rules.

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Not just the higher education department. The school education department has also issued new guidelines for students. A total of five-point guidelines have been issued by the State School Education Department. According to the school education department, the guideline was issued to close the school from Monday, but the guideline says to take classes online. As well as the teachers going to the students’ homes to go to their reading situation and to give them the necessary advice is mentioned in the guidelines. However, instead of making it compulsory, the department has mentioned it in the notification as a suggestion of teachers.

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