#Kolkata: West Bengal IPS Officer Arijit Sinha is receiving the state gallantry award for bravery. In 2016, he fought valiantly against pirates on the Malta River and set an example by taking them into custody. That IPS officer Arijit Sinhai is going to be awarded the state gallantry award this time. (West Bengal IPS Officer)

In 2016, he was appointed as West Bengal IPS Officer at that time. Secret sources got the news that Bangladeshi pirates are about to enter through the Sundarbans area. Upon receiving the news, Bengali IPS Sinha decided to launch the operation at midnight. After a long battle, the pirates jumped into the river and tried to escape. IPS Sinha did not agree to accept the bug.

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Arijit Sinha and his team followed the accused with speedboats in the water to catch them. After a chase of about 40 minutes, the police finally managed to take the seven pirates into their custody. Arijit Sinha carried out a similar operation in the storm. This time he will get the award of heroism for such unparalleled bravery.

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The administration has already announced the award. He is currently the new Deputy Commissioner of Kolkata Traffic Police. “It’s a wonderful feeling,” he told News18. It’s a recognition of our team, I’m grateful to everyone. ” Sundarbans residents are also happy with the news of Arijit Sinha’s recognition.

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