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#Kolkata: Kolkata, West Bengal Municipal Election. Tomorrow, the State Election Commission will convene an all-party meeting at 4 pm on Monday. The meeting is likely to discuss the context of the two municipal elections (West Bengal Municipal Election). The State Election Commission will also want to know the views of the political parties on the municipal vote. According to the State Election Commission, the letter was sent to the political parties on Sunday. It has been requested to be present at the meeting on Monday. (West Bengal Municipal Election)

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave the message of pre-vote during an administrative meeting in North 24 Parganas on Wednesday. He made it clear that in Bengal, first the Calcutta and Howrah municipalities will vote, then the rest of the municipalities will think about the vote. On the same day, the Chief Minister asked the municipalities to focus on civic services. The state has proposed a pre-poll in Kolkata and Howrah on December 19, 2021, which the Election Commission has almost complied with. However, no notification has been issued by the commission yet.

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The term of 114 municipalities of the state has already expired. Each municipality is being run by appointing an administrator. The by-election has already ended in the state. After that, the state expressed interest in voting in the municipality. As part of this, the government had earlier this year called for a referendum in Kolkata and Howrah. After that, the rest of the municipalities may vote step by step. Although the state’s main opposition BJP wants all the municipalities in the state to vote together.

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The State Election Commission will soon issue pre-voting notices in Kolkata and Howrah. Before that, the commission wants to start preparations by holding a meeting with all the parties on Monday. The BJP has also filed a public interest litigation in the Calcutta High Court demanding that all municipalities vote together. The Calcutta High Court wants to know from the commission why all the municipalities are not voting at once. The commission said in a statement that it would not issue a pre-vote notice until the case was settled. However, the commission wants to make preparations so that the voting can be held as soon as this legal complication is removed.

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