#Kolkata: There is no fixed wage, income will increase on the number of calves that needle piercing each day. Even after a month, the income is not more than five thousand rupees. And doing that has been a disaster. A number of animal friends or animal companions from different parts of the state are now fighting to the death. From September 20 to 25, cattle were vaccinated against brucellosis (sterilization) across the state.

Cows, calves, goats are vaccinated at this time. Allegedly, the needles burst in the hands of the animal friends while they were giving the vaccine. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein.

According to veterinarians, the primary symptoms of this disease are joint pain, fever, pain in the spine, back pain, and blurred vision. However, when brucellosis builds up in the body, the limbs gradually become paralyzed, which can lead to multi-organ failure. It can even lead to death. Brucellosis is not uncommon in this country, it is extremely rare. Bacterial infections are more likely to be transmitted from cattle to humans. This means that if a person has the virus in their body, if a person comes in contact with it, then that person can get brucellosis. Five staff members of the Livestock Development Department have been infected with the disease so far. However, Ahmed Ali, secretary of the West Bengal Livestock Development Workers’ Union, claimed that the virus was also found in the bodies of four other people.

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Soumitra Mandal, executive president of the West Bengal Livestock Development Workers Union, said, “We are doing this in very bad conditions. Despite repeatedly informing the Animal Resources Development Department, standing by is far away, on the contrary, we are treated badly. Nadia, East Burdwan, Birbhum are full of animal friends and animal caregivers. Many animal friends also have symptoms of this disease. Hundreds of us came to the School of Tropical Medicine to be tested. A few have been tested. As a result, we are all living in a state of panic. “

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When the needle is inserted in the body, any cattle squirms and throws its legs. At that time the needle bursts in the body. Many are now infected with this rare disease. Allegedly, animal lovers were sent to do this without any adequate training. It is alleged that no action was taken against them. The gloves that were given were of very poor quality. Everyone who took part in all these activities is now spending their days in extreme panic. Everyone has petitioned the government to stand by them. Sandharani Basak from Birbhum was standing at the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine lamenting. Since Friday morning, more than a hundred temporary staff called Animal Friends, Animal Companions of the Livestock Development Department have gathered to inspect. However, most of them end up disappointed and return home. Panic in everyone’s mind, then who will be the victim of this rare disease? However, no response was received from the Animal Resources Development Department.

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