Sunday, July 3, 2022

West Bengal News: CNG bus instead of diesel, the state may make a big announcement today in the field of transportation


#Kolkata: Diesel has crossed one hundred However, the bus fare is not increasing officially now Instead, the state government will provide alternative fuels. Fuel prices continue to rise. According to the state, buses should be run on CNG. The diesel engine of private buses will be replaced with CNG. The state will help the bus owners in this regard. Bus owners can be given easy loans. The state may announce the package in a meeting with private bus owners this afternoon.

According to transport experts, the bus runs 9 km on 1 liter of diesel. 1 kg CNG bus will cover 13 km. As a result, this CNG operated bus is going to be pollution free and economically profitable. This is what the state government can say in the meeting with the representatives of the bus owners’ association on this day The transport minister had earlier said that the state government was thinking of increasing the income of the owners in an alternative way without increasing the bus fare. Firhad Hakim said that instead of diesel, private buses in the state will be powered by CNG or batteries.

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Although the state government has not announced any increase in fares, the owners of almost all private bus routes have raised fares on their own. Passengers are being charged as much as they want The transport minister, however, claimed that the bus owners had agreed to his request According to the transport minister, the common man is already in trouble due to the Corona overcrowding and the rise in petrol and diesel prices.

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In this situation, if the bus fare is increased, the problem of people will increase Firhad Hakim said, “The Center will increase the price of petrol and diesel and increase bus fares on par. This cannot be a solution. So we are thinking of a permanent solution That is why we have requested the bus owners to be patient for a while. According to the Transport Department, an expert is being brought from Pune to make the state’s private buses run on CNG or battery. Apart from this, talks are also being held with CNG suppliers The transport minister claimed that if this initiative of the state is successful, a long-term solution to the problem of bus fare is possible The transport minister is also hopeful that diesel-powered buses will be made CNG or battery-powered by next year.

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