#Kolkata: With the help of social media, the family of Bihar got back the child who was lost nine years ago Manoj Paswan, a resident of Banka district in Bihar Speaking of 2012. On the one hand, the whole Paswan family, including Najehal Manoj, to save Baudi, who was seriously ill after the death of her mother. The doctors said that she had to give blood to her baby quickly. Manoj gave blood to save Baudi But one after another family problems, Manoj lost his mental balance and disappeared at the age of 26.

The Sisters of Missionary of Charity rescued Manoj from AJC Bose Road in Kolkata in late 2012. He was then sent to the New Life branch of the Howrah charity Although he recovered somewhat from the treatment there, he could not say his home address.

Father Sajan Joseph of Navjivan branch contacted Kolkata Radio Club Radio Club member Ambareesh Nag Biswas started his campaign from Ham Radio. And after that propaganda spread on multiple social media including Facebook. The search for his family begins with Manoj’s picture.

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Then a picture of Manoj on Facebook came to the notice of Ravi Singh, the head of his gram panchayat in Baka district of Bihar. From there, pictures of Manoj’s father and brother were sent to Navjivan’s father’s mobile. Manoj can recognize their family members by looking at that picture After that Manoj was talked to by video calling

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After contacting on November 10, Manoj’s father, uncle, aunt and other family members did not waste any more time He came to Howrah on Saturday morning and took Manoj back home Manoj’s father Binoy Paswaner said, “I gave up hope of getting my son back in time But I did not even dream of getting the boy back in this way. On the other hand, after a long time, Manoj also became emotional after getting his family back However, Father Joseph claims that ham radio and social media have done the impossible.

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