West Bengal News: The big bang in the big market! The police raided the house in the evening and caught everyone’s eye

#Kolkata: This is a village desert to choose thugs! ‘Sarkar Bahadur wanted to test how much good is available in his own market. Once upon a time there was a bazaar of the kings of Calcutta, this big bazaar. They used to say, there are good things available in this bazaar.

Contaminated food in context. On Thursday evening, a team from the Enforcement Branch of the Kolkata Police raided a godown on 8/1 Strand Band Road in Bara Bazar. Every day, even after the arrest, the work of mixing the corn kernels in the poppy was going on.

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The question is, what will happen to it? It is mixing adulteration. It is not mixing poison anymore. Every time criminals are released from jail in this way. They say people will not die if they eat corn kernels. The point is that the nutritional value of poppy is not in adulterated poppy. The price of one kg of poppy is 2000 rupees. The price of 1 kg of corn powder is 30 rupees.

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On the whole, there is a cycle of adulteration on every commodity in these two areas, posta and big bazaar. No. The police have sent the sample of the adulterated poster for examination. Until the examination report is received, the police will not be able to file any case.

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