#Kolkata: Bodies of mother and son recovered in Dumdum’s Nabpalli (West Bengal News). Police of Dumdum police station rescued him. Excitement in the area. Sraboni Pal and Sandeep Pal, residents of Andul in Howrah, started renting a house in Nawab Palli of Dumdum six months ago and also rented a house for three months. But he has not been able to pay the rent for the last three months. Tell the landlord not to stay for a few days. After that no contact could be made with them.

Sandeep’s uncle actually broke down the door and the stench spread. After that, when they went up to the second floor of the house, they found two people in a rotten state. The owner of the house called the police station and then the police of Dumdum police station recovered a suicide note along with the dead body. Initially, according to police sources, the mother and son were in debt.

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So he chose the path of death. In addition, the initial estimate, about seven days ago, two people died. The son has died by hanging himself with a fan, but the death of his mother has created a fog.

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