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West Bengal News: Woman with baby in her lap Who is this banjara team?


#Kolkata: Police arrested two female members of the Banjara team. Laketown police arrested them from the Dumdum Park area. The members of this group used to enter the house with the baby in their lap and steal in a fancy way.

Multiple thefts have been reported in the Dumdum Park area of ​​Laketown for several months. All those complaints were lodged with the Laketown Police Station. Police then went into the investigation and collected CCTV footage of several places. Only then did the police find out that the female members of the Banjara team used to go to different houses with the baby in their laps in a fancy way and say that the baby was hungry if they let him eat anything ….

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After that, when the owners of the house saw the face of the helpless child and allowed him to eat, they would enter the house and steal everything from gold jewelry to mobile phones and laptops. A few days ago, they broke into a house in Dumdum Park and stole some heavy gold jewelery in a fancy way. The incident was also reported in several areas of Laketown.

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According to a source close to the Laketown Police Station, female members of the Banjara team returned with the baby in their arms at a place in the Dumdum Park area. Police later arrested two female members of the Banjara team from Dumdum Park area. They will be taken to Bidhannagar court on Sunday and the police will apply to take them into custody. The investigation has already revealed that a big ring is working behind the theft. Police are desperate to arrest all of them.

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