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West Bengal Plastic Ban || Fine use of plastic carry bags below 75 microns, since when is the rule effective in the state?


#Kolkata: The administration is going to take strict action to reduce plastic pollution. Notice has already been sent to the municipality. The manufacture, storage, sale and use of plastic carry bags below 75 microns is prohibited. If caught, there may be a fine. In other words, if a buyer markets with a plastic carry bag below 75 microns, he will also be fined.

Minister and Kolkata Metropolitan Firhad Hakim said, “As per the notification of our Pollution Control Board, the use of plastics below 75 microns in all urban areas including Kolkata has been stopped since July 1. The Pollution Control Board has made a notification to our municipality that we will also monitor the use of plastics below 75 microns. Factories will be monitored. If anyone violates the ban, action will be taken. “

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However, there has been a mixed reaction to the administration’s initiative. Maniktala resident Manik Roy said, “The initiative is good but how can a common man understand how many microns the plastic carry bag is. It is not possible for the buyer to understand how much less than 75. The administration should make an alternative arrangement.” Shantana Das, a resident of Karnamayee, Salt Lake, said: “The administration welcomes this initiative. It should have been done a long time ago. It has become a loss. “Many people use this plastic as fuel, which causes air pollution. This indigestible substance continues to pollute the soil from ponds. How much attention will be paid by the administration. If the general public is not aware, the problem will not be solved.”

Chandan Roy, a resident of Beleghata, said: “Such an initiative has been taken before. Nothing has been done. It doesn’t look like there will be any big difference yet. Because plastic carry bags can be easily used by people. Nothing is possible until he is replaced. No matter how much he is fined or promoted. “


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