West Bengal School Education || Primary-secondary schools closed from today, big instructions from the education department in the interest of millions of students

#Kolkata: The state government has directed to close schools, colleges and universities in the state from Monday. But how will the class be? This time the state school education department issued detailed guidelines. A total of five-point guidelines have been issued by the State School Education Department. According to the school education department, the guideline was issued to close the school from Monday, but the guideline says to take classes online. As well as the teachers going to the students’ homes to go to their reading situation and to give them the necessary advice is mentioned in the guidelines. However, instead of making it compulsory, the department has mentioned it in the notification as a suggestion of teachers.

In addition, hostels in all school hostels have been asked to close. The guidelines also state that if a student is unable to leave campus or is far away, they must be provided with the necessary medical treatment if they remain in the hostel. Although the process of giving mid day meal will continue. Books will be given only to the parents through the school. Vaccination of 15 to 18 year old students will be conducted in schools.

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Incidentally, several students had dropped out of school earlier due to the closure of the school due to Corona situation. The state school education department has already taken some plans for it. There have also been incidents of teachers going to students’ homes in different districts. In that case, it is believed that the students have been advised to go to the teachers’ house so that the students do not drop out of school due to the closure of Eba Ray School. It is believed that in groups of students in a certain house so that the teachers help in teaching and learning, the initiative is being taken.

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By the way, secondary examination is scheduled to be held in March and higher secondary examination in April. The Board of Secondary Education and the Parliament of Higher Secondary Education have already given details about the syllabus of secondary and higher secondary examinations. According to the school education department, it has been possible to complete most of the syllabus. Because of the recent opening of the school, it has become possible for the secondary and higher secondary schools to have more than one class keeping in mind the needs of the students. In this case, if the test is held at the scheduled time, the two boards do not see much difficulty in it. Although there are practical exams for high school in February. Officials of the Higher Education Parliament have already started discussions on how to take that test. The reason is that the state has already issued instructions to close schools and colleges.

According to the school education department, the instructions to close the school have already been communicated to the CBSE and ICSE boards. The two boards have several exams at the end of January. According to the school education department, the relevant board will decide how the examinations will be conducted.

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