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West Bengal School Reopening, State College Reopening – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Going to school for 20 months, that is, for about two years, stopped studying. Schools, colleges and universities (West Bengal School Reopening) will be reopening for students from November 18, 2021 in Corona. As much as the parents have the joy of returning their children to the mainstream of life after so long, they are facing a deep problem. The fact that the child’s body size (West Bengal School Reopening) has increased while sitting at home for the last two years did not seem special to anyone. The school uniform was in the cupboard. As there is no obligation to wear uniform in online class, it has not been found that way. As a result, more than one parent (West Bengal School Reopening) is facing this problem while preparing the uniform before going to school on Tuesday.

In different homes in Kolkata, parents are now worried about their children’s uniforms getting smaller. Sanyukta Mukherjee is the mother of a 10th class boy. He was very excited to know that his son would go back to school from November 18. But as soon as he took out the uniform and gave it to the boy, he noticed that the boy’s uniform did not fit at all. Not just uniforms, but shoe sizes. School-college closed from March 2020. Online classes at home, lack of sports and being at home most of the time has resulted in a lot of body size. Uniforms and shoe sizes are no longer the same as before.

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In the meantime, a mild winter has come. The same problem is seen in the case of school blazers and sweaters. At the last moment, there is a rush to go to the shops and buy new school winter clothes. In the words of Sanyukta Mukherjee, a resident of Maniktala, ‘It has not occurred to me so far. After taking out the boy’s uniform from the cupboard, I noticed that it would not be his anymore. I became convinced as soon as I saw him wearing it. The victim of the same situation is also the belief of Baghayatin. After taking out the school shoes and polishing them and getting them ready, he discovered that the feet are no longer melting in those shoes. As a result, you have to buy new shoes on Monday.

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Rima Das, a resident of EM Bypass, said, The light has fallen cold in him. As a result, 3-4 sets of uniforms and winter clothes have to be bought keeping in mind the cleanliness of Corona from now on. The cost of running the family will also increase. Meanwhile, Education Minister Bratya Basu said on Sunday that the administration wanted to open schools for all classes. However, the state will take the next step only after judging the situation after the opening of upper class schools. Everything will be step by step.

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