#Kolkata: School-college and university (School Reopening) of the state will be reopened tomorrow after being closed for almost two years. The state school education department has instructed to go to the school and inspect the situation on the spot. The school education secretary instructed the school school inspectors (school reopening) of each district. The school education department has also asked the district governors to visit in parallel. This visit must be completed today. This is the instruction of the school education department. Schools need to be alerted if they see any shortcomings in the preparation.

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It is to be noted that the schools of the state (School Reopening) are reopening from Tuesday after overcoming the legal complications. There is room for doubt as to how convenient the long-closed school infrastructure is for students. New class time on him. The old rhythm can be broken in the new routine step by step during the class hours tomorrow. Classes IX to XII are opening after one and a half years. Offline classes will have strict guidelines (School Reopening). The worries of the education community have not yet subsided in the districts. At the last minute, there is a rush for reform. Parents are also concerned about transportation.

Last week, the school case was dismissed in the Calcutta High Court. The High Court is reluctant to intervene for the time being. Chief Justice Prakash Srivastava questioned the rationale of the public interest litigation. The court informed that the doors of the school will be opened from November 18 as per the instructions of the state government. For now, students of class IX to XII will go to school. Then the rest of the class will start step by step. The state education department has sent instructions to the districts on how to open schools after receiving instructions from the chief minister. But the school education secretary instructed the inspectors to see how much that instruction has been obeyed.

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The school education department decided to start classes from ninth to twelfth after the corona infection came under control. Guidelines were issued on behalf of the state at that time. The same guideline has been published again. Basically, this guideline says that every student should come to school wearing a mask. The schools have to issue notices to that effect. Each school should also have a bed with isolation room. If someone suddenly falls ill, he should be transferred there.

The school is going to open from Tuesday. Pulkar will come to the door again. It will be Tiffin’s turn. Students waiting. Heads of various educational institutions are happy with the decision of the state government. However, the state education department is very careful about how to keep the students away from the deadly virus. The team of inspectors is going to visit the school today to understand the effectiveness of the preparations made for the opening of the school.

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