#Birbhum: Wavy land 8 The name of that land has come to be pronounced in public today in Deucha Pachami. And now all eyes are on this Deucha Pachami project Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has clarified the state’s position on the Deucha Pachami mine project in the Assembly. And after that the question of how to get land in the coal block of Birbhum (Birbhum News) house to house? How will the compensation match? Who will get the job? And with these thousands of questions, Deucha Pachami is now the talk of the town on the porch of art.

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The project area mainly covers three Gram Panchayats (Birbhum News). Hinglo Gram Panchayat, Bharkata Gram Panchayat and Deucha Pachami. Of these, 21 villages are under Hinglo Gram Panchayat. There are 34 villages under Bharkata Gram Panchayat and 26 villages under Deucha Gram Panchayat. And among all these villages, Dewanganj and Harin Singh are the epicenters. Coal extraction work will start from these two areas And the state government has started that plan.

As you enter the Deucha Pachami project area, you will notice a golden paddy field on one side. On the one hand, the sound of crusher belts giving ear pain. Where the stone is constantly being broken. The rocks are going to different ends in big lorries. And sometimes there are villages arranged like beautiful pictures (Birbhum News). And the residents of all these villages are eager to know how the project will be developed?

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I was talking to Jatan Mudi of Dewanganj. Jatan says, “I am watching everything on TV and reading in the newspapers. In fact, let some government official come and talk to us about what is happening. If necessary, let the people hold a hearing. There the villagers will announce their decision.”

The same statement was made by Babulal Tudur, a tribal leader from Harinsingha village. He says, “It is better if it is an industry. But we will not allow land grabbing by force. What compensation are we getting. What will be given to us. Let the state government know who will get the job. After that everything will go through negotiations.” Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has made it clear that the state government will not forcibly acquire land like in Singur-Nandigram.

To build an industry, we need to build suitable infrastructure. The state government has started that work around Deucha-Pachami. The Public Works Department has already called for tenders for road expansion and repairs. Two 33 and 110 KV power substations are being constructed at Harinsingha village. In addition, discussions have started to solve the problem of drinking water and to build a health center. Indigenous villagers have heard of the state’s goodwill, said Robin Soren, the editor. However, Rabin said, “The main condition for the project is not to acquire land by force like in Singur-Nandigram. It should be said how jobs will be distributed per family. Majhi Than, Jaher Than should be done properly. Above all, the government should come and talk to us directly.”

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