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West Bengal Weather Forecast: Winter has come, how will the weather be in Bengal throughout the week? It will rain in one district


#Kolkata: In four days, the mercury in Kolkata dropped by 4 degrees. Amazement of winter in the morning all over Bengal. In the western districts, the winter mood is a bit more. The Meteorological Department (West Bengal) has assured that Vaifonta will be cut in a pleasant environment from Kalipujo. Partly fog in the morning in different districts. Light rain is expected in Darjeeling Sikkim by Monday-Tuesday. In the morning, the mood of winter increased in Bengal. The temperature in four districts is below twenty degrees. Mercury in Sriniketan is 18. The onset of dry weather in Bengal. The weather is expected to be similar in the next few days. The autumn atmosphere is all over Bengal. As the night temperature is normal or below, it is mild winter. A little fog somewhere in the early morning. Light winter at night and in the morning. The western districts will feel more like winter. In the last three days, the temperature in Gangetic West Bengal dropped by about 4 degrees. The winter mood of the morning increased a little more. Such a situation will remain for the next one week.

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Chance of light rain at Darjeeling Kalimpong in North Bengal. There is no possibility of rain in the rest of the district. After the rains, the temperature in Darjeeling is likely to drop below 6 degrees from Wednesday. There will be dry and cool weather. The night temperature will drop a bit in the next few days. The winter mood will increase a bit and the fog will also increase in the morning.

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The sky is clear in Kolkata. The night temperature will be normal or below. Last Thursday night’s minimum temperature was 25.4 degrees Celsius. On Sunday, the temperature dropped to 21.6 degrees Celsius. The temperature was 3 ° above normal which dropped to 1 degree below normal on Sunday morning. In 4 days the night temperature dropped by 4. Pleasant atmosphere in the morning. This will be the environment for the next one week.

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The minimum temperature this morning was 21.6 degrees Celsius. Which is 1 degree lower than normal. The maximum temperature yesterday afternoon was 32.3 degrees Celsius. 1 degree higher than normal. The relative humidity in the air is 48 to 6 percent. There was no rain in Calcutta.

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