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#Kolkata: In the second week of November, winter has spread across the state (West Bengal Weather Update). The mercury went down a lot more over the weekend. Feeling quite cold, especially in the morning every day. And for that reason, the meteorological department says that it may get cold all over the state including Kolkata very soon. The mercury in Kolkata is gradually coming down with the rest of the state. The temperature in Kolkata dropped by 3 degrees below normal to 16.6 degrees Celsius today. The temperature in Purulia is 15 degrees Celsius, in Sriniketan 15 degrees Celsius and in Bankura 18 degrees Celsius.

Mercury has also dropped below eight in Darjeeling. However, there is a risk of low pressure in the Bay of Bengal by Tuesday-Wednesday. As a result, it is expected to rain in some parts. The fog will increase, the weather office said. Especially in the morning, the fog is increasing.

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In South Bengal, the temperature is below 20 degrees in several districts. The western districts in particular are feeling the effects of winter. The weather office further said that it is likely to be quite cold across the state from Monday. However, the temperature may rise again from Tuesday. Depression may build up by Wednesday. According to the Alipore Meteorological Department, the temperature may drop further from Monday night. This time the monsoon has left the state late but the north wind has started to enter Bengal.

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Although there is no possibility of cold in Kankan right now, the temperature of mercury will gradually decrease. However, the sky in Kolkata will be clear. The meteorological office said that the temperature will be lower than normal at night. In the last 24 hours, the minimum temperature in Purulia, Dui Medinipur and Burdwan was below 20 degrees. It could go down further. On the other hand, the depression created in the south-east Bay of Bengal is currently located in the Arabian Sea area. It will increase its strength and move north-west in the next 24 hours. There are also two axes along the coasts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. As a result, there is a possibility of sufficient rainfall in South India in the next few days.

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